Game Rules

Game Rules

In a perfect mouse/cheese world all players would be well-behaved and respectful of others, but who are we kidding—this is the internet! Transformice moderators will always do our very best to ensure that players have the best gaming experience possible, but we rely on you, the players, to help us catch rule breakers. Sanctions range from a warning to a permanent ban. Keep in mind that your past warnings, mutes, and bans can be viewed by every moderator, and repeat offenders may find that they have been given a higher sanction. Unfortunately, it’s not entirely possible to list every possible situation that could be against the rules. There may be issues missing from this list that warrant a punishment, but you’ll typically be given a warning before any action is taken.
Respect your fellow mice and play fair. Have fun!


Cheating: Any form of hacking (aka ‘cheating’ by using a third party program to gain advantages) will NOT be tolerated and can result in a PERMANENT ban. So you better think twice before you start flying across the room like Supermouse, because you will lose your account! Don’t even think about using a different account to cheat — we will find you!
Sharing or asking for cheats: Linking to cheats and/or asking for cheats are also against the rules and can result in a mute or ban from the game.


Spam and flood are not permitted. Please do not post unnecessary or nonsense messages that disturb the flow of conversation.
Caps-lock abuse: While it’s fine to use all caps to shout something now and then, chatting in caps lock continuously is considered abuse.
Advertising: Do not put links in the chat to third party products or services, especially when these require payments. You are not allowed to try and make money off of Atelier801’s user base. Additionally, these links may not in any way harm or compete with Atelier801’s activities.
General vulgarity: While saying bad words from time to time isn’t against the rules, if you do so excessively or use really offensive terms it could result in a mute or even a ban.

Inappropriate and vulgar links: Do not share any inappropriate sites or any illegal content, including links to private servers. Only trust websites that start with the following links:


Insults and provocation Insulting players (staff included) or provoking them with the intention to offend them is against the rules.
Sharing personal information: Please do not share your personal information with any players (examples: email, full name, facebook profile, phone numbers, passwords etc.). Likewise, if you are caught sharing the private or personal information of another player without their consent it can result in a mute or a ban.
Misleading players: Spreading false messages (e.g. asking people to copy and paste messages in rooms promising they’ll get free fraises or cheese after doing it) only causes spam and confusion among users, and therefore it is not allowed.
Discrimination: Racial, homophobic, religious or any other kind of discrimination is not tolerated. Using derogatory terms, even in jest, is not allowed.
Promotion of illegal acts: The game is PG-13 and so is the chat in it. Encouraging others into consuming drugs, comitting criminal acts or exposing the players of the game to sexual content (written or graphical) will result in a sanction.
Wrong languages in chat: There are many communities, each one with their own languages, you are not supposed to speak any other language than the one from that community. (e.g. only speak German in the German community)

There is, however, an international community, where players from all countries are allowed to play in: EN. You should mainly speak English here, but other languages are allowed too as long as they don’t disturb other players. Moderators may warn or mute players that aren’t speaking English only if they are severely disrupting the chat and they have a community they can return to. For the players that do not have a home community, we ask you to ignore them by typing /ignore (name).

– E2 is English only and it is strictly enforced. Any player speaking a language other than English will be redirected to their home community or EN. Please keep in mind that speaking English in communities other than EN or E2 can result in a warning or mute.

All rules that apply to the game chat also apply to the Cafe.

Remember, young children also play this game. Language which seems natural for you may not be suitable for them. If you wouldn’t say it in front of your mother you probably shouldn’t say it here!


Trading/selling accounts: Please do not sell, trade or buy accounts from other people. Attempting to trade, sell or buy accounts from anyone can result in your account being suspended.

Fraises: It is not allowed to trade, sell, give or buy Fraises from other players. Attempting to buy Fraises from anyone other than Atelier 801 can result in a sanction.

Trading/selling shop items and inventory items: The gifting system is, as it name says, used to gift shop items to other people. It should not be used to trade shop items for other items such as consumables or sell them for Fraises, and advertising these kind of trades will result in a mute or ban from the game. Players are free to trade their inventory items using the game’s trading system, however this is done at your own risk and any items lost under an unfair trade can not be recovered.

Japan Expo codes or any promotional items redeemable in-game given out by Atelier801 are solely intended to be used by the player who received it. Attempting to trade, buy or sell one of these codes can result in a ban from a moderator and possible loss of the code. Gifting these codes to friends is fine.


Players are allowed to ‘farm’ for stats in private if they want, providing each player is only using one account and no rules are being broken. Circumventing the game’s parameters to gain an unfair advantage or playing in a way that is against the intended standards for stat and item collecting can result in a ban from a moderator and in extreme cases, account reset. Here is a short list of farming methods that are against the rules:
– Using guest accounts. (*Souris)
– Using VPN/Proxy.
– Abusing glitches.
– Botting.
– Using third party software to prevent your mouse from dying.
– Misleading players to join a room with many people in order to get saves, either by using /silence as an advertising method, creating false events or making false promises.


Phishing is the process of trying to scam players into giving you their personal information (such as their password or phone number) by offering them cheese, fraises, or any other type of award. Any attempts to acquire such information (whether it be via linking to an external website, impersonating a moderator, or even simply asking over chat) can result in a permanent ban from this game.
Staff Impersonation: Claiming to be a staff member in the chat can result in a mute and you may be banned if you do not heed our warnings in the future.
Inappropriate names: Please don’t create accounts or tribes that are meant to impersonate staff or that contain vulgar or offensive language. By doing so you risk losing that account forever! In addition, please do not change your name to anything inappropriate using the name change feature. You risk having your name reverted with no refund given on fraises or money spent.


Evading a ban or mute will result in a higher punishment. If you feel that you were punished unfairly it is best to contact a moderator..


Roomkick abuse: The /ban command allows you kick players out of your room for an hour. It can be used to kick players out for minor offenses (e.g., trolling, favoring, glitch abuse, rule breaking in minigame rooms). It shouldn’t be used to punish mice that “steal” your firsts, or a new shaman trying to learn, so please use it responsibly. Rallying your tribe or a group of players together for the purpose of kicking innocent players from a room is considered abuse and may result in a ban from a moderator.
Using Roomkick as a game: Room kick “lotteries” where players kick each other for fun is also regarded as abuse and is strictly prohibited.


Glitch abuse: Please note that exploiting glitches is not advised since it gives you an unfair advantage over other players. Depending on the glitch you could be warned/banned by a moderator or votebanned by the room. Exploiting certain glitches can result in your removal from module rooms. You can report new glitches to the bugs section of the forum.
Leaking or sharing private information relevant to the game: Staff members know a few more things than a usual player and you will probably hear some of this information one day. Leaking or sharing this type of information is prohibited.
Inappropriate room names: Rooms listed on the Room List that contain vulgar or offensive language will get removed and the creator of the room may get banned.




Offensive maps: Please do not create any maps that are inappropriate, offensive, or can cause other players to lag or crash. Most crash maps are considered accidental and are simply removed from the rotation; however, if it appears that you’ve created the map intentionally (e.g., a lava box with 20 anvils) it will be deleted and you may be banned.
Copy maps are simply removed from the rotation, but if it’s been discovered that you are stealing XMLs or trying to pass off the work of others as your own you run the risk of having all of your maps deleted and being put on the Map Crew’s “blacklist”, meaning all of your maps will be deleted and your future (original) maps will not be considered for perm status.

Copying maps and keeping them as tribehouse without submitting them to rotation (p0) or submission threads is okay, and your maps won’t be deleted and you won’t be blacklisted for this.


Inappropriate avatars: Avatars with sexual, violent or illegal content will be deleted and you might be sanctioned on both the game and atelier 801’s forums.
Drawing consumables: Drawing inappropriate images or texts with consumables that let you draw/write (such as the paintbrush and the letter consumables) is not allowed.
Modules: Showing or drawing images with inappropriate content in module rooms such as #pictionary, depending on the drawing/image you could be warned or banned from the game by a moderator.
Inappropriate videos in music rooms: Playing videos in music rooms that are not PG-13 will result in your video being skipped and your account getting sanctioned.


Do not create any totems that are offensive or could cause other players to lag or crash. If you intentionally create an offensive totem (e.g. swastikas, bad words spelled with planks) or a crash totem (e.g. anvil/box god), be prepared to receive a ban.


It is not allowed to intentionally do things that would cause other players to lag or crash, such as creating crash maps or making any kind of item gods (e.g. attaching many boxes to a red anchored plank)


Modules may have their own rules aside from game rules, moderators will not deal with modules or minigames rulebreakers (such as huggers in survivor) so please do not call us to do so. However, feel free to contact us if players are breaking any of the game rules listed above. If you have a complaint about a particular module please contact the person running it.




Trolling is part of the game. Mad that your shaman blocked your hole? Did he fool around with a few ghost planks? Is someone not following the rules of a mini-game? Is a naughty mouse constantly stalling? Did your shaman just balloon his friend to first? While moderators won’t do anything about trolling since it does not break any game rules, if these players happen to get on your nerves, you have all rights to votekick.


A private room is private. It’s your room and you can do (almost) whatever you want in it! We won’t moderate your chat and you are free to voteban any unwanted guests. However, we WILL moderate your room if someone is hacking in it, if we notice a ban lottery going on, or if multiple people in the room are reporting certain players in it.

Please keep in mind that only rooms with passwords and some international rooms (rooms that start with a *) are considered private. Numbered rooms, minigame rooms, rooms listed on the room list, and popular non-numbered rooms such as /room cheese, /room noob, etc. are NOT considered private due to the amount of players from all over that circulate through each day. If you aren’t sure whether or not the room you are in is private please ask a moderator.


Muting players: The /ignore command allows you to ignore every message from a player (even whispers). It is impossible to abuse this command since the only person affected is you. Mute a whole room if you’d like! To unignore someone all you have to do is open your friendlist, click the “Ignored” tab and click the X next to the person’s username. Moderators will not moderate your whispers or your tribe chat so please take advantage of these helpful commands.
Language filter: The filter option in the options window can be use to enable and disable the (inappropriate) language filter. Please note that filter is simply here to protect users from insults; insulting users will still have the same consequences.


Do not share your account or your password with ANYONE, not even a moderator! Use a strong password that contains numbers and letters and change it frequently to lower your risk of a security breach. Write it down somewhere so you don’t forget it.
Do not forget to register an email to your account. If someone guesses your password and you don’t have an email attached to it they will be able to register your account to THEIR email and change your password whenever they want.
If someone is asking you for your password, contact a moderator immediately. If you think your account has already been compromised, please e-mail us at