Frequently Asked Questions!


Frequently Asked Questions!

How to earn hazelnuts? You have a chance to earn hazelnut each time you enter hole (random).

How many ppl have to be in a room for firsts to count? 5 players with different IP addresses.

How to get (red;black;blue;green) title? You can exchange every coin you have in /room village1. Use bots:

Or you can exchange your hazelnuts to crates, and try your luckĀ chrome_916ecfea-5e29-4e00-9a6b-935a35b03029

Enter hole (racing) 5 times per 1 coin
Become shaman (survivor) 2 times per 1 coin
Enter hole (BootCamp) 2 times per 1 coin
Mice enters your hole 5 times per 1 coin